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  1. January 11, 2008 - California Fires Ribbon, 2003 added to California; Purple Heart Medal, Combat Service Ribbon and Texas Cavalry Service Medal added to Texas National Guard (thanks to Milarttom). There are still two new TX NG awards I have no information of: Texas Homeland Defense Service Medal and Texas Superior Service Medal. If you have any information about hem, please contact me.
  2. January 14, 2008 - Kansas Highway Patrol Purple Heart Medal, Maine NG Gold Star Honorable Service Medal, Maine NG Silver Star Honorable Service Medal, Mississippi NG Distinguished Civilian Service Award, Mississippi NG Meritorious Civilian Service Award, South Carolina NG Expeditionary Service Ribbon, Texas SG Army/Air Weapons Qualification Ribbon and Utah NG Joint Meritorious Service Award added to US.
  3. January 21, 2008 - Public Health Service Response Service Award and Global Response Service Award added to US, slight changes in the order of wear; Manitoba Excellence in Law Enforcement Award Medal added to Canada.
  4. January 27, 2008 - Alabama NG National Emergency Service Ribbon w. "9-11" bar, Colorado NG Foreign Deployment Service Ribbon w. "IRAQI FREEDOM" bar added to US, Maine NG updated (many thanks to Gary Allen and his website http://www.militarymemories.us/).
  5. January 31, 2008 - Coast Guard Auxiliary Marine Safety Training Ribbon and Public Affairs Ribbon added to US; CGA text color altered to silver gray; Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary updated.
  6. February 9, 2008 - 12 commemorative medals: Philippine Liberation Commemorative Medal, Tet Campaign Commemorative Medal, RVN Civil Actions Unit Citation Commemorative Medal, NATO Service Commemorative Medal, Navy-MC Presidential Unit Citation Commemorative Medal, Navy-MC Unit Commendation Commemorative Medal, USAF Outstanding Unit Award Commemorative Medal, Navy Battle Efficiency Award Commemorative Medal, Airborne & Air Assault Commemorative Medal, Special Operations Commemorative Medal, Guard & Reserve Mobilization Commemorative Medal and Armed Forces Expert Marksman Commemorative Medal added to US.
  7. February 27, 2008 - Three new jubilee medals: "90 Years of Belarus Militia", "90 Years of Belarus Security Organs" and "90 Years of Belarus Armed Forces" added to Belarus.
  8. April 3, 2008 - Some US sections updated: National Staff Ribbon, Regimental Staff Ribbon and Life Saving Award added to Pershing Rifles in the Decorations for Cadets section (special thanks to Kevin); War on Terrorism Medal added to DoT section (thanks to Santa Anna for posting at the OMSA database); new ribbons for the Agency for International Development medals (special thanks to Kimo); revised sections for Alabama NG, Colorado NG and Indiana NG - new bars for various service ribbons added (very special thanks to Mr. Stephen Kneller for exhaustive information about IN NG awards). I had some problems to add combo boxes for multiple ribbons, but I hope everything is working well now.
  9. April 9, 2008 - Texas Maritime Academy awards added to the US cadet webpage (special thanks to Bill Avant).
  10. April 15, 2008 - Marine Corps League awards added to the US cadet webpage.
  11. July 27, 2008 - UNAMID Medal added to International Organizations' Medals.
  12. August 7, 2008 - Service ribbons and qualification badges added to Switzerland.
  13. August 10, 2008 - US Coast Guard Combat Action Ribbon added to US (special thanks to Ramon L. Gonzalez, USCG).
  14. August 11, 2008 - US Civil Air Patrol Achievement Award added to US (special thanks to Capt. Charles E. Corway, CAP).
  15. August 16, 2008 - Old Arms Control and Disarmament Agency (ACDA) and US Information Agency (USIA) awards added (very special thanks to Mr. Tom Malhosky).
  16. August 31, 2008 - Sacrifice Medal added to Canada.
  17. September 20, 2008 - UNAMID Medal Corrected (special thanks to Mr. Jakob Moelgaard).
  18. September 27, 2008 - Tennessee State Guard (form. Tennessee State Defense Force) updated (special thanks to Mr. Dorsey Horne).
  19. October 7, 2008 - Department of State awards updated and corrected (very special thanks to Mr. Tom Malhosky again).
  20. October 9, 2008 - Texas NG & SG updated and corrected (Superior Service Medal and Homeland Defense Service Medal added); Texas SG Association awards added.
  21. December 16, 2008 - Public Health Service Recruitment Service Ribbon added to US.
  22. December 23-24, 2008 - Abraham Lincoln Medal of Freedom added to Illinois NG (special thanks to MAJ Craig Holan, ILNG), Meritorious Unit Citation and MEMS badges added to SGAUS (special thanks to 2LT Debbie Higgins, TXSG), Connecticut NG order of precedence corrected (special thanks to SFC(P) Joseph A. Yorski, CTNG), Pennsylvania NG order of precedence corrected (special thanks to SSG Rebecca Rodriguez, PANG), Army Sea Duty Ribbon precedence corrected (special thanks to CW5 James A. Hazelgrove, Maritime Qualification Division USA); Australian Unit Citation for Gallantry and Meritorious Unit Citation corrected (only a single star allowed - special thanks to Philip Blackwell).
  23. December 26, 2008 - US Disaster Relief Command (USDRC) section added to US awards.
  24. January 28, 2009 - Reitz Medals (http://www.reitz-medaljer.dk/?cc=uk) added to links.
  25. January 29, 2009 - US Civil Air Patrol display fixed (thanks to all for letting me know). The Freedom Medal of Afghanistan added to British Commonwealth and US charts; Medalla Conmemorativa "50 Anniversario de FAR" added to Cuba; Australian Federal Police Commissioner's Group Citations added to Australia, now all AFP decorations are displayed right-to-left on the right side; Upper Gascoyne Centenary Medal added to Western Australia; two new Army ROTC ribbons (R-5-1 and R-5-2) added to US Decorations and Medals for Cadets.
  26. February 7, 2009 - Kingdom of Denmark added.
  27. February 8, 2009 - MINURCAT - UN Mission in the Central African Republic and Chad 2007- added to international medals, Liberation of Kuwait Commemorative Medal added to US commemorative medals.
  28. August 22, 2009 - The site was down for about two weeks. For personal reasons I planned to close it down permanently. Yet the number of e-mails from the folks worldwide has made me reconsider my initial decision. I never realized my website was popular that much! I never cared too much about adding a visit counter or similar stuff. I would like to thank all the folks who sent the words of encouragment, supported not infrequently by the pictures of their racks, generated by the website. After a long struggle with myself I concluded that it put some obligations on me and decided to reopen the site.
  29. August 31, 2009 - A number of new medals, mostly from Australia and New Zealand added. These include: NZ General Service Medal (Korea), NZ General Service Medal (Timor Leste), NZ Special Service Medal (Asian Tsunami), NZ Special Service Medal (Erebus), NZ Customs Service LS & GC Medal, NZ Army Anniversary Medal, NZ International Year of the Volunteer Medal; Australian New South Wales medals, Australian Security Medal, Australian Community Service Medal; Police Medal for Meritorious Service added to Nepal.
  30. September 1, 2009 - Commendation Medal for Valuable Service and Community Service Medal added to Papua New Guinea.
  31. September 13, 2009 - Nevada NG 9-11 War on Terrorism Medal; Virginia Defense Force awards added to US.
  32. September 14, 2009 - Virginia NG Homeland Defense Ribbon added; Virginia NG Strength Maitenance Ribbon corrected (thanks to MSG Barry E. Arnett); Indiana NG Overseas Service Ribbon corrected.
  33. October 26, 2009 - U.S. charts updated: awards of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) added to intelligence awards; Homeland Security Ribbon added to Civil Air Patrol, CAP order of precedence corrected; State Guard Help Ribbon added to NY National Guard; Orders and Medals Society of America section updated so that displaying multiple awards is now possible. Victoria Country Fire Asociation Valour Medal added to provincial awards of Australia.
  34. October 27, 2009 - Republic of the Seychelles added (thanks a lot to E.J.Fisher, JOMSA 5/2009).
  35. November 21, 2009 - The site is working again. Please note that there is a new server: www.medals.pl. I am indebted very much to Mr. & Ms. Alex & Megan Robertson who have kindly offered the place on their server. Thank you very much! My former server (www.medals.lava.pl) is not active any more. This regards also the mail server, so please send your e-mails to the new address: lukasz@medals.pl.
  36. December 14, 2009 - Pakistan webpage substantially updated and corrected. This was one of the first pages on the site and it has not been updated until now. When it was created I had much less information about the Pakistani award system than I have now, consequently the page contained many errors. The update would not be possible without the kind help of my Pakistani friends from defence.pk: PAFAce, Windjammer, Taimikhan, Xeric and Fatman17, whom I owe a lot.
  37. December 20, 2009 - Pakistan webpage updated (very special thanks to Ed Haynes).
  38. December 25, 2009 - Kingdom of Norway updated.
  39. December 27, 2009 - Secretary's Award for Outstanding Achievement Medal and Secretary's Award for Meritorious Achievement Medal added to the Department of Homeland Security section in US rackbuilder. The Department of Homeland Security Distinguished Service Medal has been removed from the Coast Guard section, as I have learnt that although CG members may receive it, it is not yet authorized to be worn, neither are the other DoHS awards.
  40. December 29, 2009 - Army ROTC Instructor gold, silver and bronze medals added to US rackbuilder.
  41. January 14, 2010 - Rhodesia updated (very special thanks to Mr. Peter Garrat).
  42. January 20, 2010 - Silver Jubilee Medal for the Armed Forces, 1961-86 added to Brunei.
  43. January 24, 2010 - Order of Crown Territory added to the Federal Territory section of Malaysia.
  44. February 4, 2010 - Royal Brunei Police General Sevice Medal and Independence Silver Jubilee Medal, 2009 added to Brunei (special thanks to Mr. Fawzie Kefli).
  45. April 22, 2010 - Republic of Maldives added (very special thanks to John McMeekin).
  46. April 28, 2010 - Northern Territory Emergency Service Volunteer Service Medal added to Australia; St. John Ambulance Malaysia 100th Anniversary Medal and 5 year Service Medal added to Malaysia (special thanks to John McMeekin).
  47. May 1, 2010 - Search and Rescue Task Force added to US.
  48. July 20, 2010 - Australian General Service Medal for Korea added to Australia. Special thanks to Mr. Craig E. Wilson.
  49. July 23, 2010 - Congo Star, Chad Star, Mediterranean Star, "Bene Merito" Decoration of Honor and Award for Merit in Defense of Human Rights added.
  50. July 29, 2010 - Public Health Service order of precedence corrected (special thanks to Capt. Bruce C. Tierney, M.D.).
  51. August 12, 2010 - Proposed ribbons for the Global Health Campaign Medal and Global Health Initiative Service Medal added to US Public Health Service (special thanks to Capt. Bruce C. Tierney, M.D.).
  52. August 18, 2010 - Georgia State Defense Force updated.
  53. November 11, 2010 - After several months of work and to commemorate the 92nd anniversary of Polish Independence I am proud to present a new rackbuilder for Orders and Decorations of Poland. The rackbuilder operates in the Polish or English language version and covers all eras from the struggle for independence during WWI, through the Second Republic, WWII and Peoples's Poland, up to now. It is not yet entirely complete, still it seems to work properly. Please send your comments to lukasz@medals.pl.
  54. November 29, 2010 - Order of the Independence Cross and Cross of Freedom and Solidarity added to Poland.
  55. December 18, 2010 - Due to numerous requests to facilitate saving the generated ribbon racks to the hard disk, the way of displaying Polish ribbon rack was altered. The rack is now displayed as a single png image. To save the image, right-click it, choose Save file to... from the context menu and save to the selected folder. If it proves to work fine, the other rackbuilders will be altered the same way, too.
  56. December 25-27, 2010 - Medal for Distinguished Service in Prevention and Eradication of Extraordinary Situations, "65 Years of Liberation of Republic Belarus from Fascist Occupation" and "20 Years of Withdrawal from Afghanistan" added to Belarus; General Campaign Star and General Service Medal updated, Operational Service Medals added to Canada; Leadership Officer Training Corps section added to US awards for cadets.
  57. December 31, 2010 - Several new Polish awards added: the Decoration for Merit to Customs Service, Cross of Military Action of Polish Self-Defense in Eastern Borderland, Cross of Front Service of 1st and 2nd Polish Army, Combatant Commemorative Cross "for the Victors 1945", Decoration of honor for Merit for the Association of War Disabled, Polish People's Army Cross, Gen. Jerzego Zietek Commemorative Medal, Polish People's Army Association 15th Anniversary Medal, Decoration for Merit to the War Order of Virtuti Militari Association, Commemorative Cross for Members of the "Service to Poland" Organization and Sea and River League "Pro Mari Nostro" Cross (Very special thanks to Mr. Jerzy Kolakowski).
  58. January 1, 2011 - "Custodian of Tradition, Honor and Glory of Polish Arms" Commemorative Medal, St. Florian's Cross for Life Saving, Jozef Pilsudski Association Cross, Association of Polish Parachutists Warsaw Branch 20th Anniversary Medal, awards of the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, medals attached to the Order of St. Stanislas and a selection of regional honors added to Poland. National Police Service Medal (currently pending approval) added to Australia.
  59. January 19, 2011 - Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia updated.
  60. February 5, 2011 - Kentucky NG updated; for convenience the NATO Medal (Non-Article 5 - ISAF) has been added to each service on US website.
  61. February 19, 2011 - Malaysian states of Negeri Sembilan and Pahang substantially updated (very, very special thanks to John McMeekin who was able to determine the width of particular sashes and who has contributed a lot to this website).
  62. February 7, 2012 - NASA Outstanding Public Leadership Medal, Exceptional Public Achievement Medal, Early Career Achievement Medal, Silver Achievement Medal added to US rackbuilder.
  63. March 24, 2012 - Military Wound Badge (it is no longer a project but an actual award now) and "Pro Patria" Medal added to Poland.
  64. March 25, 2012 - British Commonwealth section operating again. The work on a new output layout is still in progress, but due to too much work and repeating demands I have temporarily restored the old one. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  65. June 10, 2012 - Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal added to Commonwealth medals.
  66. June 21, 2012 - Air Crew Star added to Poland; Alaska NG State Partnership Program Ribbon, Illinois Citizen Service Medal, New York State Operation Enduring Freedom Service Ribbon, New York State Operation Iraqi Freedom Service Ribbon and New York State Operation New Dawn Service Ribbon added to U.S. National Guard section.
  67. October 7, 2012 - Coast Guard Overseas ServiceRibbon added to U.S. (Special thanks to PO1 Dominick Nasuto).
  68. October 19, 2012 - Coast Guard Cross added to U.S. Alaska NG Medal of Honor, Alaska NG Homeland Security Medal, Montana NG Noble Eagle Ribbon, Pennsylvania NG Keystone Freedom Medal, Wyoming NG Service Ribbon added to U.S. National Guard section. DoHS Distinguished Service Medal, Secretary's Award for Outstanding Achievement and Secretary's Award for Meritorious Achievement now available also from the U.S. Coast Guard section.
  69. November 7, 2012 - Operational Service Medal (Congo), Civilian Service Medal (Afghanistan) and the new Accumulated Campaign Service Medal added to the United Kingdom. Nebraska NG Military Funeral Honors Ribbon, New Jersey NG Honor Guard Ribbon and Virginia NG Military Funeral Honors Ribbon added to U.S. National Guard section; Liberation from Japan Commemorative Ribbon (ROC) added to U.S. commemorative awards section.
  70. November 21, 2012 - National Emergency Medal added to Australia.
  71. August 5, 2014 - American Volunteer Reserve Medals added to US.

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