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Links and References

There are a lot of sites dedicated to orders and medals on the Net, most of them built on national, more seldom on overnational basis. I have listed the ones I find most comprehensive:

Multinational Sites

  1. http://www.omsa.org/
    - Orders and Medals Society of America. My society!
  2. http://i.webring.com/hub?ring=odm
    - Orders, Decorations and Medals Webring. The first place to see while looking for ODM information. Almost a hundred sites listed.
  3. http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/cintas/index.htm
    - A great website, hosted by Antonio Prieto Barrio and dedicated to the ribbons of orders and decorations of the world. One of the fullest references on the colors of the ribbons of the world. This is the new address of this superb website.
  4. http://www.emering.com/medals/
    - Ed Emering's site, depicting a lot of photos of the medals of Australia, the Congo, Soviet Union Spain, Vietnam, French Overseas, as well as medals of the Gulf War and preacekeeping.
  5. http://www.frontiernet.net/~ericbush/index.html
    - Site of Eric Bush with the fullest collection of US ribbons. The ribbons of some other countries are depicted too.
  6. http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Acropolis/3456/
    - A site, hosted by Henrik Nedergaard Olsen (Denmark), devoted to Orders, Medals and Badges for Wounded and Next-of-Kin. Unfortunately not updated since 2001. :-(
  7. http://honours.homestead.com/home.html
    - MSM Awards Site by Mike Smith featuring medals from some countries + probably the most comprehensive list of commemorative medals on the Net.
  8. http://www.jeanpaulleblanc.com
    - An excellent orders, decorations and medals website, hosted by Jean-Paul Leblanc and updated on a weekly basis. Keep on doing like this JP!!!
  9. http://www.marksmedals.com/Medalcollection.html
    - Mark Piersall's website featuring mostly medals of US and Romania, as well as of some other countries. There is also a big section dedicated to the awards of US Civil Air Patrol.
  10. http://www.medal.net/
    - A good starting point in the search of ODM with links to auctions, dealers, gvt. sites and other related websites. Hosted by Phil Lascelles (New Zealand).
  11. http://www.medals.org.uk/
    - A great website, presenting medals from around the world, hosted by Megan Robertson.
  12. http://www.netdialogue.com/yy/main.htm
    - A very impressive site of Yuri Yashnev (in Russian) with a great number of large HQ scans of the decorations of Russia and many other countries of the world. An excellent site, unfortunately the latest update was made in December 03. :-(
  13. http://rustyknight.topcities.com/Medals.htm
    - An impressive collection of medals from all over the world. Large HQ scans depicting both the obverse and reverse of a medal. Site hosted by Rusty Knight.
  14. http://www.taeniae-mundi.de/
    - A site by Michael Schulcz, devoted to ribbons of orders and medals of the world, featuring the photos of actual ribbons (pdf files).
  15. http://users.skynet.be/hendrik/index.html
    - A site by Hendrik Meersschaert, dedicaed primarily to Belgian ODM, but there are collections of medals of other countries + a number of information about them.
  16. http://www.webstaff.no/850000%20Ribbons%20of%20the%20World/index%20medals.htm
    - A site, still much under construction, the presenting ribbons of the decorations of the world (in Norwegian). It should be regretted that the site has not been updated since 2002. :-(

    National Sites

  17. http://www.awardrp.narod.ru/
    - An excellent website, devoted to Polish orders and medals of 20th Century. Large HQ scans. Hosted by Vladimir Kiryushin. in Russian.
  18. http://www.coleccionesmilitares.com/medallas/index.htm
    - The second part of Antonio's site, devoted to Spanish decorations.
  19. http://faculty.winthrop.edu/haynese/india/medals/indmed.html
    - A wonderful and very competent website about the Decorations and Medals of the Republic of India by Ed Haynes. Unfortunately, due of infringment of copyright, Ed decided not to make any updates and the site has not been revised since 1999 :-(
  20. http://www.france-phaleristique.com/
    - Probably the best and most comprehensive site on French orders and decorations. Excellent indeed! In French.
  21. Heritage Medals
    - A commercial but excellent site featuring mostly Australian (but not only) medals. Excellent photos!
  22. http://www.medals.pl/pl/
    - My modest site on Polish awards (now on new server!).
  23. http://www.militarymemories.us/ - A company offering services in framing, matting and mounting of mlitary mdals, badges, awards, ribbons and decorations.
  24. http://www.reitz-medaljer.dk/?cc=uk
    - Reitz Medals - a Danish company manufacturing ribbons, decorations and medals. Among those, are UN, NATO, Danish Defence and Danish National Guard.
  25. http://www.tuttomilitare.it/
    - Militaria dealers in Italy that offer to the collector of military insignas a large assortment of badges,medals, ribbons, decorations, crests,military equipments,holsters, non-firing replica weapons,soft-air,plus much more. The website contains an excellent medal/ribbon section.
  26. http://www.wehrmacht-awards.com/ribbons/index.htm
    - Part of a website, dedicated to decorations of the Third Reich. The section is one of the most competent sources of information about the ribbons of German countries until 1918 and of the Third Reich. The section was created by Richard Lundström and Sebastian Bianchi.
  27. http://www.xavierb.net/japan/index.html
    - Probably the most comprehensive site on the Net, devoted to Japanese orders and medals. Hosted by Xavier Berdaguer.


  28. http://www.mcchord.org/rack_builder/
    - The McChord Rack Builder for Civil Air Patrol ribbons. A slightly differrent philosophy than ours, still a very good utility for building CAP ribbon racks.
  29. http://ultimaterack.ajandj.com/
    - An excellent rackbuilder for US ribbons, designed by John Asendorf, in a way "competitive" to ours ;-). Ribbons of all services, civilian, foreign and National Guard. All accompanied by a really good forum. All the best John & rest of the Team!


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