Decorations and Medals of Switzerland
Page updated: Aug. 7, 2008

Service Decoration
- 950 days' service

Service Decoration
- 550 days' service

Service Decoration
- 170 days' service

Home Service Decoration
(Inlandeinsätze Einsatzabzeichen)

Overseas Service Decoration
(Lange Ausland-Abkommandierung Einsatzabzeichen (LAK))

Mission in Kosovo Medal (SWISSCOY)
(Kosovo Einsatzabzeichen)

Mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina Medal (SHQSU)
(Bosnien-Herzegovina Einsatzabzeichen)

Mission in Korea Medal (NNSC)
(Koreamission Einsatzabzeichen)

Mission in Namibia Medal (UNTAG)
(Namibia Einsatzabzeichen)

Mission in West Sahara Medal (MINURSO)
(Westsahara Einsatzabzeichen)

Peace Support Mission Medal
(Peace Support Einsatzabzeichen)

Military Observer's Medal
(Militärbeobachter Einsatzabzeichen)

Partnership for Peace Decoration
(Partnerschaft für den Frieden Einsatzabzeichen (PfP))

Mountain Decoration

Rifle Decoration, Class 1
(Sturmgewehrabzeichen Stufe 1)

Rifle Decoration, Class 2
(Sturmgewehrabzeichen Stufe 2)

Pistol Decoration, Class 1
(Pistoleabzeichen Stufe 1)

Pistol Decoration, Class 2
(Pistoleabzeichen Stufe 2)

Military Sports Decoration, Class 1
(Militärsportabzeichen Stufe 1)

Military Sports Decoration, Class 2
(Militärsportabzeichen Stufe 2)

Military Sports Competition Decoration
(Militärsport Wettkampfauszeichnung)

Comrade Assistance/NBC Defense Decoration
(Kameradenhilfe/ABC Abwehr-Abzeichen)

Coxswain Decoration

Weapon Pointer Decoration

1. Institution of orders and decorations, as well as accepting ones by Swiss citizens is forbidden by Swiss law. An exception has been made to decorations for participants of international peace missions. As Switzerland is not a member of the United Nations Organization and Swiss citizens are not eligible for UN medals, a few medals have been established to fill the gap. Besides these, there exist some unofficial decorations, awarded mostly by marksmanship organizations.

2. The Service Decoration is worn with the following appurtenances:
- 950 Days of service - 3 gold rosettes
- 850 Days of service - 2 gold rosettes
- 750 Days of service - 1 gold rosette
- 650 Days of service - 3 silver rosettes
- 550 Days of service - 2 silver rosettes
- 450 Days of service - 1 silver rosette
- 350 Days of service - 3 bronze rosettes
- 250 Days of service - 2 bronze rosettes
- 170 Days of service - 1 bronze rosette
- 90 Days of service - without rosette

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